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Doctoral diploma


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With two hundred years of tradition, École Polytechnique provides a broad-based, in-depth scientific training. For twenty years now, the engineering course has been supplemented by the doctoral program: the École Polytechnique Doctoral School leads its Master's students towards the Doctoral diploma, offering research the benefit of the Polytechnique tradition for quality, rigour and creativity.

a few figures

  - 900 École Polytechnique PhDs work in research, education and companies
  - 400 doctoral students are currently writing their theses
  - 9 fields of study: biology, chemistry, humanities and social sciences, information technology, mathematics, applied mathematics, mechanics, physics and economic sciences
  - 80 thesis are submitted every year
  - 250 teachers are authorised to direct theses
  - doctoral students are integrated into one of the 21 laboratories in the research centre or into a partner establishment
  - partnership s and agreements with ENSTA, IHES, ICSN, CEA-DSM, THALES, ONERA, INRIA, etc.
  - The EP thesis prize is awarded by a jury presided by J-C YOCCOZ  (Fields medal) to some of the theses submitted every year.