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Programs in Applied Mathematics

General courses
The education provided in the first and second years cover the basic areas of applied mathematics, which share the same modelling, mathematical analysis and numerical simulation approach. The course follows two main directions; on the one side, scientific calculation, numerical analysis and optimisation, on the other, uncertainty with its probabilistic and statistical components.

In the first year, the Uncertainty course (MAP 311) is an introduction to the basics of probabilities; it is open to all and is based on numerical simulation.

In the second year, probabilities and statistics are examined in greater depth in short courses MAP432 and MAP433, while numerical analysis and optimisation, essential to the modelling of scientific and industrial problems, are studied in long course MAP431 and short course MAP411

Advanced courses
This programme provides an in-depth study of the applied mathematics approach, including modelling, mathematical analysis, numerical simulation and the physical interpretation of the results. Applications are found in many domains: mechanics, physics, engineering sciences, systems control, signal and image treatment, market finance, economics, biology, etc. Tuition is closely linked to major employment opportunities in industry, banking and services.The applied mathematics course offer in the 3rd year of Ecole Polytechnique is based on:

  • 2 advanced programmes (jointly) organised by the department
  • participation in advanced programmes organised by other departments
  • a broad range of scientific options for 3rd year research internments