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    Numerical Analysis &PDEs

    Ecole Polytechnique in partnership with  University Paris-Dauphine (P9), University Paris-Sud (P11) and University Pierre et Marie Curie (P6) are offering an International Program in Numerical Analysis and PDE's taught in English.
    The proposed courses provide a solid knowledge in applied analysis and scientific computing as well as an initial experience in research through a mandatory internship during the second semester.
    The objective of this second-year program is to prepare students either to start a PhD and pursue training through research or to become mathematical engineers in industrial and economical high tech fields.
    An academic advisor is assigned to each student in order to help him/her select a coherent set of courses and research internship which are most appropriate to his/her inclination and career goals.

    Master Program
    Early September: Prerequisite intense training.
    These course are mandatory but without any final exams. Lectures cover basic materials in analysis (distribution theory, Sobolev spaces, variational formulations of elliptic equations, Lax-Milgram lemma) and numerics (linear algebra, finite differences, finite elements, programming in Scilab).
    read more about the Initial Training Courses

    Preliminary Intensive Courses in English: SEPTEMBER 2013
    September 9th to 20th at the Institut Henri Poincaré.
    Course Program 
    September 9 - 13: courses given by J. Smulevici and J. Fejoz.
    September 16 - 20: courses given by S.M. Kaber and B. Merlet
    => schedule

    Late September - April
    : Master Courses
    A list of courses is available here.
    Students must successfully complete from five to six courses during this year-long program together with a research internship (3 to 6 months).

    April- September: Research Internships at Ecole Polytechnique, at partner academic institutions, or in a R&D department in a company.
    Students must write a report (equivalent to a Master thesis) and defend it at the end of their internship (any time from late June to September).
      Some Examples:
    - Geometry and topology optimization of composite panels (2010) - EADS
    - Multiscale numerical schemes for reservoir & CO2 storage simulation (2010) -IFP
    - Geometry optimization by mesh deformation (2010) - Renault
    - Numerical simulation of clogging in steam generators (2010) - AREVA

    Practical Information

    Admission process:
    Students interested in this international program (or the 1st year of a Master program), must register in one of the four participating universities' Master's programs.
    - Admission deadline dates: please check here.
    - Register at Ecole Polytechnique, [online applications here]

    Financial support :
    Ecole Polytechnique Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students.
    Students are strongly advised to apply for external scholarship programs:
    - the Jacques Hadamard Mathematical Foundation (Paris-Saclay Campus)
    - CA International Talents [PDF - 21 Ko]

    --> More information on scholarships and financial aid can be found here, on the web pages of Ecole Polytechnique's Graduate School.

    Course location :
    Ecole Polytechnique is located in Palaiseau, a south suburb of Paris: courses take place at the Applied Mathematics Center. Information to get there by train, bus or car. University Paris-Dauphine is located in Paris: courses take place at the CEREMADE. Information to get there by train, metro or bus. University Paris-Sud is located in Orsay, a south suburb of Paris: courses take place in Building 425 on the main campus. Information to get there by train or car. University Pierre et Marie Curie is located in Paris: courses take place at the Chevaleret building. Information to get there by train, metro or bus.

    For more information on the program, PhD theses, research opportunities, industrial and academic partners, tuition, financial support, etc. please contact (replace _AT_ by @):

    Prof. Gregoire Allaire
    , or the Master secretary
    Ecole Polytechnique - CMAP
    Department of Applied Mathematics
    Route de Saclay
    91128 PALAISEAU Cedex